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Find Out Websites That Offer To Make A Free Phone Calls Without Registration

Are you looking for websites that allow you to make phone calls anonymously? Are you looking to make anonymous calls from your laptop or PC to other countries? All this without any charges! You are most likely here! These are not meant to be offensive, but cybercrime can always tracked.

Remember that these calls are sample free international calls or commercial calls and are only available for a short time. Take it or leave. These websites are not able to handle unlimited phone calls. You can only make one to two calls per hour from one IP address.


Poptox is one of the most popular free calling websites on the internet. Poptox is a web-based addon. Poptox works well even though not all countries are supported. Poptox does not support all countries. This is often called spytox. This Poptox gives you the ability to make free VoIP calls.


Spytox is available in almost every country. This makes them a popular choice as other services in the sector may refer to them for countries that they are not authorized. The website’s future looks bright. You can make free VoIP calls, send SMS and email, as well as address lookups by name. Spytox gives you three minutes of free time and three calls for free each day.


We Phone is the only mobile app available in this industry. Free credit of 0.2$ will be given to you, which will allow you to make calls for as little as a few seconds. Call in Us charges 0.00850$ per min.


Citrustel is not available in certain countries. In these cases, Spytox is used. As a trial offer they are offering free minutes and if you buy credit, you will get more minutes.

IEvaphone – The Best From All

Ievaphone is my favorite website. It works on both Android and iPhone, and you can make free calls without registration. Their Android app worked flawlessly. The best part is that it doesn’t require you to register.

You start the app with 4 Credits. The average rate in India and the United States for each credit is 1 credit per minute. Rates vary depending on country and carrier. These rates will give you almost four minutes to make a call.


Globephone provides a range of services that can be used to make free VoIP calls. The best thing about Globephone is that they run directly on your browser and do not require you to install extensions or plugins. Simply go to the website, click on Free Call, and then give it permission to call. You’re done!

Call2Friends is an Internet phone service provider that offers both paid plans and a limited-time, free call option. Call2Friends’ website is very simple to use. All you need to do to get started is to click on the “Free Call” button. No additional plugins or downloads required to make a phone call via the internet.

Offers calls for free to many countries at extremely low rates. Their website allows you to call to mobile and desktop devices at low rates. offers premium and free calling services. You can try the free service to make free calls. First, you must purchase credits. Next, log in using your username and password. Then you can make anonymous calls, even if there are only a few calls.


You can use this software to make high-quality calls. However, you will need to download the app and limit yourself to three calls per day if you want to take advantage of their free services. You can choose the premium option to make unlimited calls without interruptions.


Adphone offers 30 minutes of credit per day to use for calls. This app has one major drawback: you can only call landlines. You must have a reason to only make calls to landlines. Smartphone calls are prohibited. Before you can make free calls, the app must be downloaded and installed.


Flash2Voip, a traditional SIP-based virtual phone that uses Adobe Flash technology, is available. Flash Player must be installed in order to use Flash2Voip. You will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to use it. You can enjoy a range of services that are free with VoIP calls.