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How to Avoid Speed Radars – Avoid Paying High Speeding Tickets

“How to avoid speed traps” is a frequently asked question by most drivers. Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple because a radar gun works based on mathematical calculations regardless of whether the radar gun is set to a tracking system or not. For instance, if you are traveling at fifty miles an hour and a police officer points a radar gun at you, he will only deduct one point from your speed and record it. But when you have a tracking system, the calculations are different.

The reason behind this is because a tracking system uses an algorithm to calculate your speed without taking into account how fast you are driving at that moment. It is based on the data that the radar gun has accumulated over the course of time. You can also avoid speeding by slowing down. This is the main reason why radar detection equipment is only effective when a vehicle’s speed is slow. You can actually slow down and get caught by the radar gun if your car’s speed is below what it should be.

How to avoid speeding becomes simpler if you use a radar detector. If you want to know how to avoid speeding, start by slowing down. Once you are already stopped, you should pull over to the side road and wait for the officer who will give you your citation. If you have a GPS navigation system with you, try turning it off. The reason why GPS systems are turned off is because they don’t have the ability to calculate your speed especially if you are going more than a few miles per hour.

How to avoid cobra rad 480i summarize becomes even easier if you know how to recognize the different signs that indicate a radar gun is working. When you are traveling at high speeds, you should look out for the red and green flashes that indicate that the radar gun has detected your vehicle. Usually, the speed limit is sixty miles per hour. If you are going faster than that, you should immediately stop your car and turn on the parking brake. Once the officer sees that you are concerned about being pulled over, he will most likely decrease your speed or give you a warning.

The next thing on how to avoid speeding is to maintain a proper speed. Always keep in mind that the officer has radar that is sensitive and picks up on fast moving vehicles. So, if you are traveling at seventy miles per hour, you need to slow down. If you are traveling more than that, you better accelerate because chances are, your case will be dismissed.

The next step on how to avoid speeding is to follow the rules. If you are driving a rental car, you have the right to negotiate the speed limit. If you notice that the traffic cop is ignoring your request, you have the right to file a ticket against him. Just remember that these officers follow the rules and the only reason why they are lowering the speed limit is to help you maintain safe driving.

The last thing on how to avoid speeding is to stay alert. Stay as aware as possible. This means that you have to watch out for road conditions and traffic signals. Remember that there are more dangerous roads out there and you can never know when an emergency road condition can occur.

These are just some of the things on how to avoid speeding. If you think that your case will be dismissed or not, consult a traffic lawyer. Traffic lawyers know all the traffic laws in the state and most of the time, they know how to fight your case. Fighting your ticket will be very expensive so it would be best to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Your safety and your freedom depend on it.