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Sexologist Talks About Proper Sex Toy Usage

You might be making a big mistake with your sex toys, whether you are just starting to notice the benefits of sexual wellness in your body or have tried so many vibrators that you could write a book about them. However, you shouldn’t throw out your magic wand. Gigi Engel is a SKYN Sex & Intimacy Expert. She stresses the importance of a good toy: “Hypersexual stimulation is essential for two thirds of women to have orgasm. Engle explains how sex toys can help you avoid common pitfalls and allow you to continue doing your thing.

1. Not cleaning your sex toys

“Neglecting to clean your sex toys can lead to bacterial vaginosis.” Engle warns that bacteria lives on your sex toys just like it does anywhere else. To ensure that your vibrators don’t get damaged, make sure you read all directions. For most toys, warm soap and water is enough.

2. You shouldn’t store your toys incorrectly

Engle says that toys should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before being stored. Simple plastic bags or cloth bags are sufficient. To avoid cross-contamination, make sure you store each adult female toys individually.

3. Sex toys should not be used for solo play,

Engle cannot stress this enough: Sex toys don’t have to be for solo play. Engle says that sex toys can be used with partners to make you feel closer, more adventurous, and improve your orgasm quality. “Humans are curious creatures. Being able to share that curiosity with a partner in sex is a magic, bonding thing.”

4. A sex toy is a substitute for a person

Engle makes this mistake a lot in her work. These toys are not meant to be a replacement for sex or replace intimacy. They are designed to enhance sex and provide unique sexual experiences. Yes, sex toys can be great for you alone time. But, remember that your vibrator cannot hold you back when you are crying about your cat from childhood.

5. Sex toys can be a distraction from bad sex

Engle is very familiar with this situation: “Some people are intimidated by sex toys. They’re afraid their partner will react negatively or feel insecure.” Our culture teaches us that if you want sex toys, your partner must be good at sex. This is simply not true. This is not the case. It might be time to have a real discussion with your partner about your needs and wants. Engle believes that if you are already satisfied, pleasure products can be a key to increasing intimacy and pleasure with your spouse. It’s like eating a large bowl of pasta. The pasta is great on its own but when you add salt and Parmesan, it’s an entirely new experience.

Five Sexual Wellness Products You Should Buy Now

1. SKYN Shiver Massager

The battery is high-powered and safe for the body. It can also be charged via USB.

2. Maude Vibe

It is discreet, stylish and has three speeds. It’s also a popular product that sells out repeatedly so you know it must be good.

3. Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

This toy is loved by so many reviewers that 97 percent would recommend it to a friend. They cite the best orgasm of their lives. It’s not bad at all.

4. Le Wand Pearl White Rechargeable Massager

Ten speeds. Twenty vibration patterns. It’s the adult choose-your-own-adventure we’ve been waiting for.