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Top Android Apps for Writing and Office 2021

The top Android writing and office apps

These are our top Android apps to take notes, write and edit documents, and just generally work on the go.

Keyboard Typewise

Monthly Subscription Free, $1.99/PS1.89

Typewise keyboard is a new type of smartphone keyboard. It uses hexagonal keys that are 70% larger than standard smartphone keys. This makes it easier to hit and reduces typos.

Typowise Keyboard has many gesture controls that can be used to speed up typing.

Another notable feature is the emphasis on privacy as everything is stored locally and the absence of permissions (only one is required to enable vibration).

You can also use the autocorrect feature to correct any errors.

Typewise is mostly completely free. However, for $1.99/PS1.89 per month (with discounts for those who pay for a full year), you have access to many themes and vibrations, as well as other settings and options.

Although we don’t like the idea of paying for a subscription to a keyboard, most users won’t feel the need. There is also a lifetime license available for $24.99/PS19.49.

The free version is worth a shot, and it’s worth trying for at least a few more days. It does require some learning, but once you get the hang of it, it’s worth it.


Free and various IAP

Do you get bored with the same keyboard? Fleksy might be a good choice for you. It’s elegant and customizable with dozens of themes.

The Android app does a great job as a keyboard. It is very fast and easy to use, with few mistakes. The autocorrect also works well. You can access many apps via the keyboard, including GIFs and handwriting support.

Imagine that you are in the middle of a conversation with a friend and trying to decide where to eat lunch. Fleksy allows you to access Yelp directly from your keyboard.

Access to YouTube and Skyscanner are also available. We expect more apps to be added in the future.

Fleksy is generally free. However, certain themes can cost ‘Fleksycoins. These can be earned by watching ads (which are never forced upon you) or earning badges through your use of the app.

Email TypeApp

Free and various IAP

Inbox by Gmail is dead. You might be looking for a new app. The clunky-named Email TypeApp may fit the bill.

The Android app has a lot of great features. It includes a unified email inbox that can handle multiple accounts, Android Wear support and a customizable design. You can also customize the look with account color-coding, configurable options, menus, read receipts, unsending emails, and many other options.

You can also set Do Not Disturb hours and days – something that is unfortunately missing in some other apps.

Email TypeApp is mostly free. You can pay $6.99/PS5.99 for VIP notifications and send later, but most of the content is free.


Free and various IAP

You might consider writing serious stuff on your Android tablet with a keyboard. If so, you should use JotterPad.

This app isn’t new; it’s an old favourite that’s constantly updated to ensure it remains one the best apps for writing on Android.

While the core Android app’s functionality is a text editor that doesn’t distract, you can also explore the menus for all kinds of options and tools. Markdown support is available, for example. It supports word count, cloud storage and phrase search. There are also many fonts and other options.

IAP covers some of these items, with the main one being Pro, which costs $14.99/PS12.99. It might seem expensive, but this is a one-time payment. If you are writing an essay or novel for JotterPad, you will easily get your money’s value.

No Cost + $4.99/PS4.99 Monthly Subscription


For more apps check out Venostech.

Writer Tool

Writer Tool is an assortment of tools that will help anyone trying to write a novel. This app helps make this daunting task easier by allowing you to create characters and places.

These sections keep these details stored so that they are always available and can be used to flesh out your character. The character creator allows you to fill in all kinds of details, such as their greatest fear or best memory.

Writer Tools includes a built-in dictionary that allows you to jot down ideas, notes, create timelines and set quarterly writing goals. It also allows you to back up your work to the cloud so it’s never lost.

All this is free. However, a monthly subscription allows you to get rid of ads, access all your historical backups, add images and locations to your characters, change to night mode, and much more. Although the Android app is quite extensive, many users will still be happy with the free version.


Free + PlayStation8.49 (around £11.10) IAP

There are only a few options for Android office software. OfficeSuite is the best. This is due to its many features.

You can create PDFs, spreadsheets and presentations, or documents.

The Android app allows you to share documents with contributors, save work to cloud, open two documents at once in split screen, create presentations across multiple devices and more.

OfficeSuite has many great features that are completely free. However, if you use it often, it might be worth upgrading to OfficeSuite Premium. This allows you to save files in multiple formats and unlocks additional PDF tools like the ability to convert PDFs into Word or Excel format and to create and use digital signatures.

Microsoft Word

No Cost + $6.99/PS5.99 Monthly Subscription

Microsoft Word may not need an introduction. However, if you do a lot of word processing on your phone or tablet and haven’t tried the Android App then you should.

The full version allows you to view, edit, and create documents in many styles including brochures, newsletters, and more.

The desktop version of Word allows you to change the font and color of your text, as well as add bullet points. It also has a sleek, minimalist interface that is easy to use. You can also save your documents on OneDrive so that they are accessible from any device.

While many of these features are available for free, you will need to subscribe to Office 365 (which costs US$6.99/PS5.99 each month) in order to access the page and section breaks, columns and different page orientations. You also have the ability to track changes and review them in the Android app.

Otter Voice Notes

No cost + an optional subscription

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or desire to make notes. Although recording audio is a great way to save time, it can also mean that you have to spend more time transcribing it later. Ottervoice Notes is a different way.

The Android app can automatically transcribe what is spoken by AI and you can also teach it to recognize your voice in order to distinguish between speakers.

After the audio has been transcribed, you can easily read it and make corrections. You can also listen to the audio recorded.

Otter can detect keywords automatically. This means that you can search for any word in your recordings and Otter will locate it. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to quickly find the information you need, even after hours of recording.

You can also create groups that allow you to share recordings. All of your recordings are stored on the cloud so you have access from any device.

We have found that transcription can be slow and not always accurate for longer recordings. It is usually easy enough to understand what the recording means, and it is possible to correct any mistakes so it is not an issue.

Chambers Thesaurus


There are many thesaurus apps available on Google Play. Some are free and some are paid. However, Chambers thesaurus is the best option and well worth the investment.

There are entries for nearly 40,000 words and around 400,000 synonyms. Thesaurus entries can be browsable alphabetically, so you can browse the entire thing rather than just searching for one word.

You’ll find results immediately after you start typing. Not just words that match the spelling but words that are similar to one another, words that sound alike, words that sound like one another, and words that are frequently confused.

You can bookmark entries, cross-reference with the Chambers Dictionary and Web apps, or search the words on Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or Google all from one tap of Chambers Thesaurus.

The data is saved locally so that you don’t have to connect to the internet in order for you can use the Android app. There are many customization options available, including the ability to change the font size, color scheme, and font size.